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NewsX Hosted Vision 4G LTE Telecom Conclave

In a first of its kind initiative, NewsX hosted tody ‘Vision 4G LTE Telecom Conclave’ in New Delhi , presented by Gionee and powered by Uninor, a platform that brought together the Thought Leaders, Government Bodies and Industry Stalwarts from public and private sectors to explore and discuss ideas and strategies to implement 4G LTE in India for the growth of telecom sector and Indian economy, as per press statement of iTV Network , which owns NewsX English  and India News Hindi channels.

As part of this initiative, NewsX will also telecast a special series of 3-episodes starting 20th February showcasing the present scenario of the telecom industry, building awareness about 4G LTE, highlighting the concern areas and addressing the challenges with a major focus on the future of 4G LTE in India.


Speaking on the Vision 4G LTE, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Honorable Minister of Communications and Information Technology said, “We recognize the vision of 4G and the worth of LTE technology and believe that it is going to be the next revolution in the telecom sector with a great potential for Indian Economic growth. The Government of India has come up with a lot of initiative like Digital Literacy program, introduced the concept of digital locker and electronic manufacturing is also on our priority. We want to work in a manner keeping consumer satisfaction and the growth of telecom sector in mind. We will ensure that the end user is benefitted and also facilitate all that is required in terms of policy initiative from the Government of India in a fair and transparent manner.”

Talking about this initiative, Kartikeya Sharma, Managing Director, iTV Network, said, “In last few years, Indian telecom industry has shown overwhelming growth due to domestic demand, policy initiatives undertaken by the government and admirable efforts by the key players of the industry. Through this initiative this is our endeavor to bring all the stakeholders on the same platform and set a roadmap for the implementation of 4G LTE in expediting the growth momentum and modernization of Telecom sector as well as transforming the Nation’s economy.”


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