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Nokia India Showcases Cutting Edge Technologies For Mobile Broadband

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At the India Innovation Day 2015 event in Gurgaon, Nokia Networks showcased some of its futuristic and cutting edge global technologies in the mobile broadband segment. As per the company, these technologies are aimed at empowering operators in their journey of evolution in order to effectively manage and monetize the surging mobile broadband growth.

Details of some of the futuristic technologies that were demonstrated at the 2015 chapter of Nokia India Innovation Day, as shared by Nokia:

Telco Cloud: VoLTE/ VoWiFi

With LTE getting introduced in India, and with the availability of iPhone6 which supports VoLTE, operators are moving to support Voice on LTE for their existing 2G/3G subscribers. With VoWiFi, an operator can provide operator controlled voice over WiFi networks which is especially useful to provide the indoor coverage when LTE/2G/3G is not in place. During the event, Nokia showcased live VoLTE and VoWiFi calls.


The focus is to explore the future of 5G wireless technology. The 5G E2E demo showcased a virtual journey into 5G and demonstrated how the path to 5G will not be a single technology but a consistent set of technologies that supports wireless communication for mobile networks, which can be extended to support various industry verticals as well.

Security Solutions

It showcased Nokia Mobile Guard which has an analytics engine that “listens” and “analyzes” the traffic for MBB – and searches for patterns that are consistent with malware behavior. With the usage of Mobile Guard, the operators will be benefitted as it will ensure efficient and clean network with 24×7 real time monitoring and automated actions in the advent of fraud by providing protection for all subscribers, independent of device type and antivirus installed or not.

Predictive Services

These services expand the use of big data insights to deep network element level which detects and resolves issues before they impact customers, even weeks ahead using in-house Automated Health Check & Predictive Troubleshooting engines with expert Care services. The predictive analysis by Nokia is a path breaking initiative and is a congruence of Big Data platform and Managed Services.

Predictive Marketing Campaigns

Predictive marketing campaigns are based on customer experience. The demo showcased the power of combining CEM on Demand with Mobile Marketing Suite for insights into customer experience and behavior and the outcomes measured in-real time, all shown in a user friendly interface.

Partner demos

Nokia sees partnering as a strategic pillar to become the world’s end-to-end mobile connectivity expert. With an entrepreneurial approach, the Partner Business Unit (PBU) develops Nokia’s partner business globally by extending the Nokia partner ecosystem and by creating and enhancing alternative sales channels.

In the event, the experts of Nokia also demonstrated how solutions like Ultra Dense Networks, Telco Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Smart Location Experiences can enable operators to serve huge data demands and optimize spectrum investments.


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