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Nokia To Face Tough Competition In China For Its Lumia Smartphones

Nokia has launched its Lumia smartphones on Windows 7.5 Mango platform in Europe, US and majority of other markets except China, so far. Nokia has  received luke warm reception to its Lumia range of smartphones, in almost all the markets. One of the reasons for the same is the timing. Nokia has been late entrant to the smartphone segment when Android smartphone have almost captured the space.

Another major test for Nokia would be China market, where Nokia intend to launch its Lumia range of smartphones in the first quarter of 2012. Nokia will face challenge from comparable high-end models rolled out by HTC and Samsung Electronics as well as entry-level models by ZTE, Huawei Device and Lenovo, according to industry sources of Taiwan and China.

As per the assessment of  a Taiwanese website based on industry sources,  Nokia may lose its advantage if it delays the launch of Lumia phones in China to the second quarter of 2012, since rivals HTC and Samsung are likely to roll out comparable high-end Mango models very soon and they may bring the same to China market before the arrival of Nokia smartphones, adding that major China-based handset makers such as ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo all have ventured into the development of Mango phones.

Furthermore, Microsoft plans to lower the hardware specifications for smartphones running on its Tango OS – a move which is likely to encourage China-based handset makers to bring out low-priced Tango phones to compete with Nokia Lumia phones, the sources added.

2012 does not appear to be bright for Nokia as far as China is concerned and Nokia will have to be more aggressive to make a mark in huge China market to remain afloat.

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  1. There is no denying the fact about quality of Nokia devices and they are pioneers in Mobile phone technology. Because of late arrival in smartphone segment, they are facing tough competition from Android smartphones especially Samsung. But as blogged by us previously, Nokia & Microsoft could be lethal combination. Nokia is getting aggressive and launching new devices and we do hope, they will be able to recapture the lost ground.

  2. NOKIA mobile is a prestigious mobile of the World. There is no complain found in the products. Maximum use of mobile in India. Every one likes this products. NOKIA means a phone.


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