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Nokia To Launch Windows Tablet By Mid Of 2012 – Should Act Fast To Capture Slice of Tablet Market

Handsets maker Nokia plans to launch a tablet that runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system in the summer of 2012, the head of Nokia France told Les Echos newspaper in an interview. Nokia has said using Microsoft Windows 8 for tablets could be an interesting opportunity for the company but it has not revealed yet exact launch date. Nokia intends to compete with Apple’s iPad and Samsung tablets.

Meanwhile, tablet market is hotting up globally and in India also. With the arrival of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Nook tablets, the market for tablets is becoming interesting and competitive.

The world’s cheapest tablet – Aakash – made by Datawind, UK, has received three lakhs pre-launch bookings, that goes on sale later next month. Although this tablet is very cheap compared to any tablet available in the market and only the coming months will tell how successful it is and if it is successful then it will spread like wild fire in India. It shows how big is the market for tablets in India itself.

Nokia, which was established name here, is slow to enter into this segment, which is full of opportunities. Nokia should show aggression and recapture its old glory by creating buzz not only for its soon to be launched tablet but also for its recently launched Lumia series of smartphones on Windows platforms. Its recent launch in India was low key affair and Nokia should heightened the pitch to make its new products successful.

Nokia should come out with its tablet as early as possible otherwise it will miss the bus. When companies like Amazon and Nook, who have no experience of any hardware, can come out with tablets then Nokia having loads of  hardware experience and Microsoft Windows behind them, should not be behind the race. Rather, they should be the front runners, even now.


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