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Nokia X6 – Successor Of Nokia 5800

Nokia’s latest smart-phone, Nokia X6, is a music centered touchscreen phone yet to launch in India. It has received good response from countries like U.K. After the huge success of Nokia 5800 (also the best selling touchscreen phone) with a sale of more than 8 million handsets over a couple of years, Nokia has been working furiously to get their flagship music phone out in the market as fast as it could. After seeing its launch and taking a closer look at its features, it is evident that Nokia X6 is a successor of Nokia 5800 or at least has features much better than Nokia 5800.

Before comparing the basic features of Nokia X6 and Nokia 5800 and seeing the reason why i believe Nokia X6 is one step ahead of Nokia 5800, we’ll have a look at some of the basic features provided by Nokia X6:


The camera in Nokia X6 has received a much required boost and is loaded with 5 Mega pixels camera and Carl Zeiss optics, much better than what Nokia 5800 had (a 3.2 Mega pixels camera). Although Nokia 5800 too had Carl Zeiss optics, however it was not able to deliver good enough images and had started to look cheap in comparison to other phone within the same range. In my point of view, a 5 Mega pixel is a welcome change in Nokia X6.

Operating System:

There isn’t much difference between the OS used in both the models. Both of them employ same version of symbian operating system i.e s60v5 specifically designed to work with a touchscreen display. Although i would have really loved if Nokia would have given boost Maemo or MeeGo by using either of them in Nokia X6.

Storage Capacity:

Nokia 5800 has led the way when it came to storage, with an 8GB micro SD card that satisfies the need of both a music lover and an amateur photographer. Nokia X6 brings even more storage capacity, offering up to 32GB of memory. With this mammoth storage capacity it becomes a perfect alternative for playing media files overshadowing many dedicated players (Not Apple though).

Screen technology:

Nokia 5800 has a resistive touch and requires use of a stylus for more accurate response (Fingers work well too!). Nokia X6 comes with capacitive touchscreen technology which makes it super-responsive to the lightest touch of your finger. Thus eliminating the use of stylus. Moreover Nokia X6 has a brilliant wide screen display offering 3.2? screen with 16:9 wide screen viewing.


Inbuilt GPS has become a regular feature of latest mobile phones. And Nokia X6 is no different. In fact both the cell phones offer compass, photo geo-tagging and Ovi Maps with turn by turn satellite navigation.

NOTE: The launch date of Nokia x6 in India is unclear and there has been lots of speculation. Though, i would like share with you that Nokia X6 will most probably arrive in Indian markets at the end of June. I will update this post once i confirm the exact date of launch.


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