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OnePlus Announces Exchange Scheme For Buying OnePlus Smartphones

If you are planning to buy any OnePlus smartphone then there is good news for you. OnePlus has announced exchange scheme to buy their smartphones – OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 or the recently launched OnePlus X.


OnePlus has tied-up with ReGlobe, for exchange and buyback programs of your older smartphones for a brand-new OnePlus device. This scheme starts today and will last till 31st December.

The process to get your smartphones evaluated is little bit complex, but for tech enthusiasts it will be no problem. You are required to visit the ReGlobe page or register on OnePlus page to check whether your present device is listed to register your interest for an invite for a OnePlus 2 or the OnePlus X. Just for your info, the OnePlus One is available without invite system under this scheme also.

There are different types of exchange schemes available and for further details, you can read the detailed procedure  here.

Interested to buy OnePlus smartphone under exchange scheme! Try your luck today!


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