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Opera For Android Updated With Video Compression & Other Features

Opera has anounced a new version of both Opera Mini for Android, and the full Opera browser for Android. These now come with new features such as video compression, installable web apps, better downloads and improved tab switching. In addition, both Android browsers come with the new and upgraded Opera logo.


To address the issue of  streaming videos online on your smartphones, which is a big data-eater and poor connections problem, Opera has introduced video compression into Opera for Android, which shrinks the size of online videos for you. It is very easy to use this feature. In the settings menu, tap to Data savings and tick the box next to Video compression and Opera will make it possible to use less data and spend less time in downloading.

Besides above feature, you can now add any of your favorite sites to the home screen of your Android phone, which gives you extra-fast access to your favourite places on the web without using any extra data.

As per the new update, Opera Mini now tells you when your files are finished downloading. A button has beed added to enable you to directly open downloads when they have finished.

You can also open a new tab while you continue to read the page you are on. The new tab will open in the background with the option to quickly switch between them. This will enable you to navigate across multiple sites.

Besides above, in Opera Mini, one feature of personal touch has been added. Those who use Facebook notifications, they will be now able to see the senders profile pictures.

”To grow our Android user-base from 140 million to 275 million users by 2017, we are dedicated to introducing features that give a superior user experience. The strong lineup of features with the introduction of the new and fresh Opera logo, is a milestone in our aggressive growth path in the Android market,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera.

You can download from here updated Opera Mini and Opera for Android


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