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Panasonic India Launches Range of Washing Machines & Refrigerators for Festive Season

Ahead of festive season, Panasonic India has launched 43 new models of refrigerator and 24 new models of washing machine which are Loaded with rich features. The washing machines models range from 7kg to 13.5kg capacity, starting at INR 10,000 and refrigerator models range from 260 litres to 601 litres starting at INR 13,200, and are available at all Panasonic brand shops, large format retail outlets across the country and on Amazon.in.

Details of Panasonic Washing Machines:

  • 20 top-load models | 6.5kg – 13.5kg capacity, range starts from INR 16,000
  • 4 semi-automatic models | 7kg – 12 kg capacity, range starts from INR 10,000


  • Built-in heater for better washing performance and sanitization
  • Stain Master+ that eliminates 99.9% bacteria and removes stubborn stains
  • StainMaster+ to tackle the most- stubborn stains (Sweat, Sauces, Collar/Cuff, Curry)
  • Econavi Technology – Helps save 20% water and upto 20% electricity consumption and re-uses water upto 23% by detecting wash load volume and water temperature
  • Active Foam system – Fine foam that dissolves and washes away dirt to deliver excellent washing results
  • Gentle hand wash mechanism – designed for washing of delicate garments including the ones with heavy designer work and embroidery
  • Aqua- rinse spin – an eco-friendly solution that saves upto 28% of water consumption

Details of Panasonic Refrigerators:

31 Frost Free models | 260L – 601L capacity, range starting INR 26,500

12 Direct Cool models | 197L capacity, range starts from INR 13,200


  • Econavi technology – Helps monitors patterns and then adapts the energy usage around one’s lifestyle automatically. By monitoring lights, internal and ambient temperature and door usage; Econavi technology, in conjunction with 6 speed Inverter compressor, allows refrigerators to regulate temperature real – time and save energy without compromising on the freshness of the food.
  • AG Clean/Blue AG+ Technology ensures 99.9% bacteria and mold elimination from the refrigerator, keeping the food fresh and healthy
  • Jumbo vegetable Box – Offer 20% extra storage space to store fruits and vegetables in optimum conditions
  • Humidity Control – Customize humidity levels through humidity controller to ensure freshness of fruits and vegetables for a longer time across seasons


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