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Panasonic Life Solutions Launches Range of Smart Anchor Products

Panasonic Life Solutions has unveiled its new range of Smart Anchor products comprising of Ding Dong Resettable Bell, Spike Guard with 3.2A USB, extension socket with USB charging, extension socket with wireless charging, Tower Spike Guard (vertical and horizontal).

The Ding Dong Resettable Bell can cut off the power supply when operated continuously for more than 15 seconds and will again reset after some time. This bell not only cuts off the current which will safe guard the Bell from burning but also it will automatically reset to normal operation which increases the overall life span of the bell and provides enhanced safety and saves the bell from burning in comparison to the regular bell.

The new range under the Smart Anchor Series also includes a Powerful Wireless Charger, Spike Guards with 4 USB ports with 3.2 amps charging and Tower Spike Guards – Horizontal and Vertical. The Spike Guards is unique in nature as it consists of 4 USB ports with 3.2 amps rating for fast charging that no other extension sockets provides. Another variant under the extension sockets are – Tower Spike Guard – Horizontal and Vertical. These include 5 universal sockets – 22059 followed by 3 universal sockets – 22060 and comprises of 2 USB ports. The products are robust in terms of designing with high-security features such as Overload and Surge protection.

On the other hand, the unique Wireless Charger comprises of 2 multi socket, 3 USB ports with 3 amp rating which is best suited for connecting work gadgets to one portal. The wireless charging is compatible with smartphone, tablets and other devices providing Qui wireless charging standard technique. The additional advantages of the socket are foreign substance detection and over voltage protection. This product has two variants, Wireless and USB charging giving people the larger benefit of safe and universal connectivity.

MRP Prices of all the products listed above in Indian Rs:

  • Ding Dong Resettable Bell: 240
  • Spike Guard with 3.2A USB : 995
  • Extension socket with USB charging: 1650
  • Extension socket with Wireless charging: 2950
  • Tower Spike Guard (Vertical): 2300
  • Tower Spike Guard (Horizontal): 1800


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