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Philips Launches GoPure Compact 110 Car Air Purifier At Rs. 7,999

To address the problem of air pollution in Indian cities, Philips Automotive has launched GoPure Compact 110 to eliminate in-car air pollution. This car air purifer has been designed to combat the issue of air pollution and preserves the health of drivers and passengers in India.


GoPure Compact 110 is equipped with the latest SelectFilter, the powerful multi-functional filtration technology that eliminates up to 99% of those in-car air pollutants that are especially impacting those who have respertory problems, like asthma.

This car air purifier works efficiently and takes just 15 minutes to give you clean air in your car. GoPure Compact 110 boasts of an efficient three-layer filtration system that rapidly removes air pollutions. It is equipped with Philips unique three-stage multi-layer filtration, SelectFilter GSF80 X80 which outperforms other conventional air filters in eliminating 99% of PM2,5 fine particles including cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, PM2.5, airborne virus and bacteria. In addition, SelectFilter even neutralizes and removes up to 99% of toxic gaseous chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC, which are caused by exhaust fumes and industry pollution. With this installation, you are protected against the particles in the outside air.


GoPure is very easy to install anywhere in your car for enjoying fresh air. GoPure Compact 110 is equipped with a handy automatic switch that detects when you start. GoPure Compact 110 is designed for safe installation on the armrest, headrest or under the seats.

GoPure Compact 110 is priced at Rs. 7999/- and would be available on Amazon.in from 1st week of January. The filter inside the air purifier costs an additional Rs. 1500 and needs to be changed after around 6 months of moderate to high usage.


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