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Print Your Imagination With 3D Technology

Some weird information of gun shots fired from the first 3-D print based gun or bracelets with odd shapes may have crossed you sometime in the recent past. Even as this 3-D printing technology is advancing and finding its application on various objects and materials, we will soon find ourselves making prints on human tissue, clothes, furniture and maybe even buildings. Recently, NASA conducted experiment on making print technology’s application on food. We still have a long way to go. Although, 3-D printing technology has been used in manufacturing commercial products for more than ten years, some of the “home machine” companies have made this technology available to many users in recent times.

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This device works on threading plastic filament based spools on a nozzle which is heated and allows the liquid plastic to drop on a one layer basis on the surface till such time the object is formed. The size of this object is that of a “grapefruit”! It is expensive to afford the filament for creating the object. However, with the passage of time, we hope things will get better for this technology.

3-D Information:

Apart from using this technology to design 3-D “printed gun” called “The Liberator” which is composed of plastic, other methods can be used for finding out if your intellectual ability can make something useful out of it. Among other examples of its usage, you can make prints for “lawn darts”, though they have been completely banned in the USA since 1988; imprinting “Livestrong” bracelets as imitation; and “mock prints” of Google Glass. These are the not-so-important, rather useless implementations of this technology.

Physical sharing of information does not always intend encroaching someone else’s creation or design. Research shows that there are students who are working on making replica of the skull of Grizzly (and later on human skulls) or easy transportation of such delicate stuff or any rare “artifact” safely across the globe.

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Innovative Learning:

If you are one of those who likes to fix and invent new things, this type of printing will help you to complete your task in a brisk manner. Professionals like scientists, jewelry designers and architects are among those who sought the help of this device. However, 3-D printing technology’s actual application has not yet been determined despite all the experimentation. In a recent conference on 3-D printing (in New York) it was concluded by the engineers’ assembly that the implication of this technology exceeds its usage in object-making.

According to one of the users of 3-D printer says that the technology is not just about printing but how one perceives the world. In fact, one can even start finding solutions to problems


Making useful implementation of this device depends on your ideation. Maybe there will come a time when 3-D printers will give rise to a “million dollar idea”. People of that will find it hard to believe that this technology could be used for making iPhone casing or paperweights. They might consider it a joke that at one time people would question the functionality of 3-D printers.


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