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Qubo InstaView Video Door Phone Launched at INR 14990

Qubo today announced the launch of video door phone – the Qubo InstaView. It features an enhanced version of their bestselling Video Doorbell, in the form of the Qubo Video Doorbell Pro along with an all-new portable display unit – Qubo Home Tab that’s designed as the new-age control centre for modern homes. These two devices together mark a huge technological leap forward in the category of video door phones.

The Qubo InstaView builds upon the success of the original Qubo Video Doorbell that gave users a taste of a smart & connected home where they could answer their door through a video call on their smartphone. With InstaView, Qubo goes a step further with the video call from the doorbell delivered not just on a user’s phone but also on the Home Tab that can be placed anywhere inside the home or even outside the premises. The unique portability of the indoor display unit makes it far superior & versatile than traditional video door phones that come with a basic display unit often fixed on a wall next to the door.

The Video Doorbell Pro, part of InstaView, packs in better technical specs including a 3MP 2K resolution camera that delivers sharper video quality, a 2W echo-cancelling speaker as well as enhanced connectivity range. With dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) & Ethernet PoE connectivity options, it works equally well across a wide range of houses including villas, builder floors and apartments. It pairs seamlessly with the Qubo Home Tab that has the potential to become the control hub for the entire home in the near future. For now, users can watch the video feed from their video doorbell on the Home Tab, talk to their visitors at the door and even unlock the door (through a Qubo Smart Door Lock) for them. Furthermore, it can also double up as a sleek Digital Photo Frame.

Detailed Features:

Qubo Video Doorbell Pro

  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and Ethernet PoE for a stable and reliable connection
  • Enhanced Coverage: Ideal for larger spaces like villas
  • 2K Resolution Video: High-definition video quality for sharper visuals with 3MP lens
  • Crystal-Clear Two-Way Audio: Enabled with a 2W speaker and surround sound echo cancellation
  • Mobile App Control: View live feed, receive alerts, and control doorbell functionalities remotely through the Qubo app on your smartphone

Qubo Home Tab

  • Wireless Design: Unbound by wires, offering placement flexibility throughout the home or outside
  • 8” touchscreen display unit: Crystal-clear video quality from your Qubo Video Doorbell Pro
  • In-built storage: 8GB memory for storing media, including photos
  • Multiple display units: Expand your system with up to two Qubo Home Tabs for added convenience

Qubo InstaView is available on the brand’s website www.quboworld.com and will soon be available across major e-commerce marketplaces & on stores pan-India. It is priced at Rs. 14,990.


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