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QWERTY Mobiles The Hottest Phone Type?

Today the technology world is both amazing and confusing. Take for example mobile phones.

Have you got one ? I am sure you do.

Was your choice (for choosing a cell phone type) an easy one to make ? Probably not.

But for me the choice is simple. Currently the qwerty mobile phones on the market are amazing if you like to email on the go, surf the web or instant message from your phone. You can also upload your blog from your mobile if you use wordpress or joomla.


Now lets take a look at what there is out there in the way of a Qwerty Mobile. These keyboard (QWERTY) phones are fantastic, you can have the qwerty keyboard normally in three different styles:

  1. The touch screen, personally this one is my least favourite as unless you have the iphone you can be hitting backspace / delete a lot to fix errors with some of the fiddley keyboards out there.
  2. Then there is the slide out keyboard. These are amazingly good. The keyboard normally slides from the side and gives you a min pc feel. The down side for me with these is its a 2 handed operation to text or email.
  3. Third one is my favorite, the blackberry styled keyboards. These fit nicely in your hand and after a few attempts you have your way around the qwerty keyboard perfectly.

Now blackberry are expensive and on contract in places like the UK you normally look at around 30 pounds plus per month. For this style of keyboard nokia has made some fantastic handsets, the E71, now getting replaced with the E72 and the cheaper version that is in my eyes brilliant, the E63 ! This qwerty phone is available in the UK priced on contract from 15 pounds or less. What every qwerty mobile phone you go for if you are used to a keyboard and are not a T9 fan you will have a mobile phone that you are happy with!


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