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Relax In Rocking Chair And Charge Your iPhone Or iPad

Now, you can relax in your rocking chair and charge your iPhone/iPad and even listen to your favourite music with the help of fine quality speakers fitted on this chair. As reported by Daily Mail, a Swiss based company Micasa Lab has developed a rocking and docking chair appropriately called iRock.

This chair uses a built-in generator that transforms  gentle swaying into electricity. iRock is made of  Swedish pine and it has all the traditional features of  a rocking chair and  comes equipped with an iPad stand. The iPad rests conveniently on a stand built in to the chair’s arm rest. For enjoying the music while rocking in the chair, the backrest of the painted wood rocking chair  also features built-in speakers.

The makers of this  claim that just an hour of easy swaying will charge your iPad to 35 per  cent, and it is also compatible with other Apple devices like iPhone. However, Android devices cannot be connected at the moment. The chair uses a winding mechanism combined with  a set of gears to create enough force to drive the generator, which the  development team says was a challenge to make energy efficient enough for  practical use.

This chair is still in development, but Micasa  Lab, the Zurich-based design studio behind the chair, give it an estimated  retail price of €1,300, which is pretty steep at the moment and would be unaffordable especially for the pensioners.

Dimesnions of iRock :

Length: 1200 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight 18 kg
Material: varnished woo


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