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Salient Features of Xolo Hive Proprietary User Interface



Xolo has launched today HIVE, its proprietary user interface platform, which will be available on its new octa-core smartphone – XOLO 8X-1000. Hive is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS and has been developed by the company’s Software Design Centre at Bangalore. The Hive UI will be available on Xolo 8X-1000 and future phones of Xolo, but the company has no plans to introduce this UI on its existing smartphones.

XOLO has come out with HIVE UI to differentiate its smartphones with other Android smartphones and to compete with the Chinese brands like Gionee, Oppo and Xiaomi, which have their own sets of customised user interface such as Amigi, Color OS and Miu, respectively.

We list below some salient features of HIVE UI, which the company has detailed during the presentation in New Delhi :


Connect : This feature enables Xolo smartphone users to connect with the software development team, and also allows users to report bugs. The users can share their ideas and request the softwared development team to include them in the UI and the best ideas pointed out by the majority of users will be rolled out as updates.

Edge :  is a creative community, and provides a platform for emerging artists, musicians and photographers to collaborate with Xolo and design exclusive content as themes, ringtones and wallpapers. XOLO has partnered with a set of niche Indian designers, each of them with their own areas of design expertise, to create a range of themes for consumers to choose from.


Designe Themes : For lock screen, its icons, colors or widgets,HIVE has a range of wholesome Themes that blend themselves perfectly to the minutest detail.


Media Intelligence : HIVE comes with Fusion X which combines the music player, video tracks and radio into one centralised entertainment expeience. Fusion X enables artist recommendations based on your listening habits. Fusion X is also integrated with YouTube, wherein you can access trending songs by your favourite artist.

Launcher : Hive Launcher makes management of applications and is also capable of cleaning RAM with one touch cleaner, and also clears background applications to free precious RAM space for an uninterrupted experience.


Controls : HIVE comes with a sleeker looking circular controls. Quick Settings include a toggle switch that lets you alternate between dual SIM cards for calls and messages.

Contacts : This feature provides a unified view of the message threads and the call logs of every contact. You can keep in touch with your friends, family and colleagues via Gmail & Facebook sync.

Camera : The app for camera has been designed to capture vivid pictures with a single click. It has controls like ISO, Exposure or White Balance for professional photographers.

Gallery : It provides distinct album views by source and category, unique quilt view within albums, powerful editing tools and filters.


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