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Samsung Enters Medical Equipments Buisness In India With XGEO,UGEO & LABGEO Brand of Products

Samsung has forayed into medical equipment business in India by launching Digital Radiology and In-vitro diagnostics equipment and technologies under the GEO Brand in the country. The GEO brand includes XGEO for digital radiography, UGEO for ultrasound diagnostic system and LABGEO for in-vitro diagnostics.


Samsung has launched three machines, the XGEO GC80, XGEO GU60 and the XGEO GR40 which cater to requirements across all Digital Radiography market segments. Targeted at large and medium-sized hospitals, the digital radiography machines are incorporated with the ultrasensitive Flat Panel Detector with the proprietary ALDAS (Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor) technology. ALDAS improves patient safety and the reliability of the diagnosis by acquiring high-resolution images with a very small amount of radiation.

The compact, light-weighted, and portable detector provides a better medical environment by improving user convenience and the efficiency of work. Furthermore, these machines are equipped with an outstanding post image processing technology ALCOS (Adaptive Local Contrast Stretching) that automatically determines suitable image conditions depending on the target body parts and tissues. This proprietary technology provides qualified images for diagnoses by applying high resolution image contrast and edge sharpness enhancement functions. Furthermore, intuitive Graphical User Interface makes it easier to use and understand the equipment, providing high levels of ease and convenience.

Making it convenient to take your laboratory wherever you want, Samsung new In-vitro diagnostics devices inspire confidence with fast and accurate diagnosis. Samsung LABGEO PT10 not only provides fast diagnosis with test results in just 7 minutes, but also improves patient satisfaction by reducing waiting time. Samsung LABGEO IB10 provides outstanding portability, thanks to having the option of being used as a battery-powered device. Light and compact too, the diagnosis equipment that can be used quickly and easily in moving ambulances and emergencies. Capable of performing a maximum of 3 tests in 20 minutes without sacrificing accuracy, the LABGEO IB10 is effective in situations requiring urgent testing such as cardiac markers, infectious disease or a variety of other tests.

Hematology Analyzer, Samsung LABGEO HC10 provides fast and accurate diagnosis, taking 45 seconds per sample. It is capable of providing accurate diagnosis on 18 parameters.


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