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Samsung Launches Gear VR For Affordable Virtual Mobile Experience At Rs. 8,200

Gear VR_Manu Sharma_21.1.2016

Samsung India today also launched the mobile virtual reality headset – Samsung Gear VR. Made by Oculus, the Gear VR is compatible with Galaxy Note 5, Note 5 (Dual SIM),  Galaxy S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge, leveraging each device’s super AMOLED display to provide the color, clarity and performance needed for an amazing virtual reality mobile experience.

Samsung Gear VR is priced Rs. 8,200 and will be available across all Samsung’s retail channels and at Flipkart.

Image_Samsung_Gear_VR_Galaxy_devices__1443181810_30937Samsung Gear VR is  built with soft, flexible cushioning and lightweight materials and is comfortable to wear. Ergonomic adjustable straps make the VR extremely easy to wear and use. The Gear VR also comes with an embossed marker in the centre of the touchpad for quick orientation.

The Samsung Gear VR uses the Galaxy smartphones for optimum mobility. The consumers can use the VR anytime and anywhere without having to resort to cumbersome cables. The VR is also equipped with a Pass-Through feature that allows users to stay connected with the real world, getting notifications of incoming calls or messages.

Consumers can play and experience over 150+ games and apps on the Samsung Gear VR. This content can be downloaded from the Oculus Store. Games, covering a wide variety of popular genres, can be experienced in a completely new way by making the user believe they are actually inside the game. Consumers can also pair the Gear VR with a game pad to optimize the gaming experience for games with complicated controls.


Samsung Gear VR can be your perfect movie partner, with options such as Cinema, Multi-Screen and Home Theatre that virtually scale up the experience of regular 2D & 3D videos to the level of a Movie Hall. Travel fanatics can also take 360 degree virtual tours of some of the most exciting places on earth. Samsung has additionally launched special VR Apps for users. The VR Internet Browser allows the user to browse the internet and enjoy content in the scaled up Cinema mode. The VR Gallery app makes the phone gallery, containing the user’s photos and videos, available for viewing in the larger-than-life VR.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Manu Sharma, Director, Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics India said, “The Gear VR presents the unique opportunity for consumers to get an immersive, interactive Virtual Reality experience. Samsung will be at the forefront of this exciting revolution to create further ‘wow’ moments in our consumers’ lives.”

Samsung Gear VR Product Specifications:

Dimension / Weight 201.9 x 116.4 x 92.6 mm / 318g
Sensor Accelerator, Gyro sensor, Proximity(Mount/ Unmount Detection)

*Field of View

96 degrees
IPD Coverage 54 ~ 70 mm (Fixed Lenses)
Color Frost White
Compatibility microUSB connection to the Galaxy Note 5, Note 5 Dual Sim, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge



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