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Should You Get a Serviced Office?

Most businesses need somewhere to operate, even if the majority of employees work remotely. Having a single space that can be used for meetings or in-person work can make a difference in almost all fields and industries, but actually choosing an office isn’t easy. Not only do you have to worry about prices and the location of the property, but you also need to be sure that you are able to support the office in the same way that you can support your employees.

A serviced office can take some of the responsibility out of your hands and make it easier to focus on what your business does best, but that can still be a tricky decision to make. What are serviced offices, and are they worth the price?

What is a serviced office?

There are two types of office space, serviced and non-serviced. Your standard non-serviced office would just be the office itself, and you would be expected to manage all aspects of running it: heating and utilities are often still included, but things like reception, insurance, IT infrastructure, and furniture are all your responsibility.

This can be great for companies that don’t work under a normal structure, especially if they want to use the space in a unique way, but it also means that the business owners need to put more time and money into managing their new property. The larger the office space is, the more work it takes to get it up to a good standard.

A serviced office costs more but skips that problem. These are offices run by another facility management company or office owner that handles all of the background work, sometimes even hiring cleaners and receptionists so that none of the companies within the building have to. A business within a serviced office is able to focus on making money and expanding its operations first and foremost.

What are the pros?

If you were to get a serviced office from Be Offices or a group like them, you wouldn’t need to be as worried about the background jobs within the office itself. CCTV, recycling, mail handling, furniture, telephone systems, and internet access would all be included in what you are paying, meaning that you are able to save money on things you would otherwise have to factor into your expenses.

Your business also wouldn’t have to divert any employees to simple tasks like handling reception or cleaning out bins, which can improve their mood and let them focus on their work in the long run. As mentioned earlier, the building might have receptionists that can automatically send guests, mail, or phone calls to their relevant companies, which makes it much more likely that everything will arrive where it is supposed to.

Finally, many serviced offices are going to house multiple businesses and companies: if it has multiple floors, each one might be rented out to a different company owner. As long as they aren’t direct competitors, this can be a massive benefit under the right circumstances, giving you immediate access to another company if you need their services or could benefit from a deal with them.

What are the cons?

Naturally, a serviced office can cost more than a regular office rental, especially if you are renting an entire floor or the whole building. This can technically cost more than it might to rent and maintain the same place as a non-serviced office, but the added benefits are usually going to make up the difference. A serviced office might be cheaper than a non-serviced office and a hired cleaner, for example.

Serviced offices can also be in very high demand, especially among larger companies. Small companies might struggle to find ones in desirable areas, although operating in lower-traffic spaces isn’t going to be a problem for every company. In competitive industries, it is possible for multiple competitors to all operate in the same building, too.

Should I rent a serviced office?

If your business needs to focus on making money and growing in scope, a serviced office can be a more expensive yet more rewarding way to get your own office space. They can also grant you access to tools or equipment that might not be affordable otherwise, meaning that small businesses can find them incredibly useful as a starting point.


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