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Smartphones Suppliers Not To Crowd The Markets With More Models

It is rightly said that excess of everything is bad. Smartphone suppliers have realised this hard fact and instead of launching one model after another, majority of them have decided to restrict to few models and not to crowd the market and confuse the customers what to buy.

As reported by a Taiwanese website, smartphone vendors including HTC, Research in Motion (RIM), Sony and Motorola Mobility all are likely to adjust their strategies by reducing the number of new models launched each year, while focusing their resources and marketing on designated models.

These vendors have decided to follow Apple and Samsung Electronics who  have apparently managed to widen their market share against rival vendors by focusing on a single or some flagship models each year.

For example, quarterly sales of a designated iPhone model could reach as high as 30 million units, while Samsung managed to sell 10 million units of its Galaxy S II smartphone within six months after the product launch.

The new strategies will not only help vendors save development and marketing costs, but also enable makers in the supply chain to reach economics of scale in production as well as better control of  raw materials and shipments.

It is no use bringing out new models every other day but the best way is to concentrate on few models and after a gap of sufficient time and after reaching the economies of scale, the models can be changed with advanced models. If a particular model is replaced after a year or so then there is expectation in the market and the new model is accepted with open arms. Hope, this formula will be applied by the vendors for tablets also.


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