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Smartron To introduces Qualcomm Mesh Networking platform for IoT connected Homes in India

Smartron, India’s first global technology OEM and IoT brand, has announced their plans to introduce the newly launched Qualcomm Mesh Networking platform for IoT connected devices for the Indian market. With this association, Smartron & Qualcomm Technologies aim to build a robust ecosystem of connected devices and services suited for the Indian smart home, as stated by Smartron in its press statement.

The Mesh Wi-Fi platform from Smartron, features the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, which includes the Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON (Self Organising Network) Feature suite, that is designed to ensures corner to corner Wi-Fi coverage in the house, the Qualcomm IoT Connectivity Feature Suite that supports multiple IOT communication protocols for virtually seamless onboarding and control of a wider range of IoT devices. It also includes integrated voice capabilities that support smart voice assistant to help consumers with simple daily tasks such as telling the time, weather, calendar events, and control IoT devices using voice, as well as Qualcomm Mesh Networking Reference Design that enables partner OEMs to develop next generation products with cutting edge features, adds the statemt of the company.

Smartron had recently unveiled tronX which is a highly intelligent and assistive AI + IoT platform that connects a range of devices, sensors and systems to the core to offer personalised experiences, services and care to consumers across Home, Health, Infra and Personal verticals. With tronX and Smartron’ s home built Natural Language Processing capabilities, the company is looking at enhancing the voice control experiences suited to a host of Indian languages and accents as well, concludes the statement of the company.

The introduction of the Mesh Wi-Fi Platform from Smartron will see the rollout of new home automation devices and products being launched for consumers in the next few months.


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