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Snapdeal Encourages You To Do a Good Deed

In this age of commercialisation, India’s leading online marketplace has started a noble Campaign – #GoodDeedwithSnapdeal. This movement focuses on finding out the good deed that every human being can do and can stand for.


Snapdeal believes in the old saying that an ocean can be created by drops of water, and similarly by doing small good deed, we can make a big difference. Hence they have started this campaign #GoodDeedwithSnapdeal.

Here is how, you can participate in the campaign of Snapdeal :

STEP1: Do a real good deed today
STEP2: Post it with a picture or video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal
STEP3: Nominate 2 friends to join the movement

STEP4: Return the deed by appreciating someone else’s good deed

To know more about this campaign, you can click over to this link: http://gooddeed.snapdeal.com/#social-experiments
You can also follow the hastag of #GOODDEEDWITHSNAPDEAL on Twitter, to see what all good personalities are joining this activity such as Shashi Tharoor, ex minsiter in UPA government.
Like a responsible and true Indian, you can participate in this noble campaign. All you are required to do is to do some good deed and then tell others about it to encourage them to emulate you. You will not only get great piece of mind, but this small initiative will also change the character of our nation.


  1. Its a good initiative by snapdeal but is it limited the outside public only or has it been taken up by snapdeal also in promoting the same and doing some good deed of their own, as they may have a huge workforce of their own who can do lots of good deed so have they told their employees at least to do good deed and post about it?


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