Software Update Available For Nokia 5230 (Version 40.0.003)

Software Update Ver. 40.0.003

Nokia recently pushed a software update for Nokia 5230, it’s S^1 (S60v5) based touch mobile phone. The update, marked as important, enhances the phone’s performance as well as brings in some new features. With this update Nokia 5230’s software is upgraded to version 40.0.003. This update, weighing around 9814 KB (Approx. 9.8 MB), is available via Nokia PC Suite (software updater) and/or can be downloaded directly from your mobile phone by running SW Update application.

Although the official change log is not known yet, however, some of the noticeable changes/additions were:

  1. In landscape mode, while using QWERTY keyboard, more lines are displayed (From 3 to 4).
  2. Inclusion of Google/Bing search bar in default browser.
  3. Ability to choose font size in messages (text, email, etc) (I am not sure about this).
  4. Revamped Share Online app.
  5. Inclusion of Places in search function.
  6. Added ‘No Limit’ under Notification light (Blink).
  7. An application ‘Here and Now’ installed (More of a web shortcut).
  8. Around 15 MB of phone memory was freed after the update. (As observed by one of the commenter Sumit)
  9. Change in appearance of Contacts Bar on homescreen. (As observed by one of the commenter Zarko)

Other than these I did not see any changes, if you manage to notice any such changes/additions/improvements then do share with me via comments 🙂 I would recommend all the users of Nokia 5230 to install this update, backup all your data before doing so (Just being on the safe side as Nokia has User Data Protection, UDP).


  1. Nokia ovi suite will try to roll back the update and you should get your phone back with previous software version. However, do remember that this is not at all recommended. Is such a thing happens then keep your mobile attached to the pc and restart the software upgrade process.

  2. I’m going to update my nokia 5230..but i have a question, what will happen if internet connection crashes while updating the phone..can i get my old software back?

  3. How do i download this version 40.0.003 in my phone nokia 5230 because software update application no longer updates anymore my main is to download sw update and my music player update please i need help on this.


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