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Some Interesting Products Showcased At IFA, Berlin

Medisana AG , a manufacturer of health appliances, has brought its devices for measuring blood pressure and glucose levels, as well as its ‘VitaDock’ range of scales and thermometers, under one roof, or more accurately, in the VitaDock cloud. Physicians and insurance companies can read the data held on the various devices from the patient cloud.

All VitaDock devices are connected to an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The more traditional instruments such as the blood pressure monitors, scales and thermometers are now provided with a micro-USB connection, to enable data to be fed to mobile terminals too or to PCs. The ‘Smart Baby Monitor’ is a camera connected to the internet, which can relay movements or noises to enable parents to keep a close watch on their children. When night falls the camera automatically switches to an infra-red mode.

Samsung Refrigerators with more capacity and faster washing machines

The Korean manufacturer has developed a new range of combination fridge-freezers with standard dimensions but enhanced insulation and a better use of space to increase capacity to 400 litres. The ’Foam Active’ technology in Samsung washing machines ensures that the detergent forms tiny bubbles and penetrates deeply into fabrics to remove the dirt. Even at 20 degrees cleaning is thorough but gentle.

LG with OLED and the largest 4K televisions

LG is showing 55″ inch OLED television, which is due to be launched onto the market this year at a cost of less than 10,000 euros. The technology is based on WOLED s, i.e. white OLEDs, generating brightness by using four identical, white, organic light diodes. The colour is produced by a filter known as the Colour Refiner. All OLEDs can be used for passive 3D image reproduction.

With its 84″ inch screen the 4K-3D LED-LCD television is an imposing set that can produce images with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. These sets are also provided with a polarizing filter, making them suitable for passive 3D. It is also possible to screen two programmes simultaneously. One can be seen through one pair of glasses, the other through another pair. The company is also displaying the first 29 inch monitors in 21:9 format with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080 pixels.

NewTV app offers sightseeing flights around 6,000 coastal hotels

Traffics company of Berlin has developed HeliView app by covering 14,000 kilometres around the coasts of Spain and Portugal by helicopter. Not only did they cover the entire coast but they also flew over some 6,000 hotels to provide an unrestricted view of the location and surrounding area. For each hotel the best current rates offered by some 200 tour operators were also superimposed. Owners of smart TVs can make bookings by remote control. HeliView can be downloaded from the app store onto an iPhone or Android smartphone. Starting in October similar images will be recorded for Turkey, followed by Dubai in January, and other countries, including Egypt, Italy and Croatia, are already on the agenda.

Cuckoo wristwatch provides wireless contact to smartphone

At first glance the cuckoo watch, on show at the stand of Bluetrek Technologies from Hong Kong, looks like any other watch. But it has much more to offer. A PA pictogram, audible signal and vibrating alarm are used to inform the wearer when calls, SMS, emails or facebook updates are received on a smartphone equipped with Bluetooth-Standard 4.0 (e.g. iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3). A search function enables a misplaced mobile phone to be found and its camera can be activated wirelessly.The wooden packaging is also in the shape of a birdhouse. Some 3,000 advance orders have already been received in the USA, and the cuckoo watch will go on sale in November.

More interesting and innovative products will be covered tomorrow. Keep reading!


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