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Sony Launches High Power Audio Systems with Taiko & Guitar input Modes

Sony has launched three High Power Audio systems namely MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D. These are box style audio system and comes with TAIKO and the new guitar input modes.

The new TAIKO mode, as the name suggests in Japanese, allows one to use their High Power Audio one-box system like a drum. User can add twist to their favourite songs by tapping the touch panel and enjoy the sounds of a variety of drum samplers, or tap to the rhythm and compete with friends for the highest score. The new guitar input mode takes guitar playing to the next level with the revolutionary capability of generating guitar overdrive sound effects without the use of a professional guitar amplifier. The user can plug bass guitar into the High Power Audio system to boost the bass and produce awesome sounds.

These High Power Audio one-box systems come with gesture control feature that enables one to be the DJ with a wave of a hand. The audio system is also enabled with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) which helps boost the quality of any compressed music files.

In addition to above, MHC-V81D is dustproof and its top surface is splashproof along with a 360? LIVE SOUND. The MHC-V71D is equipped with LIVE SOUND feature for high quality music output. THese models also have flashy 360? party lights that illuminate the room crafting the perfect party atmosphere. With affordable MHC-V41D audio system, one can turn the house into a nightclub as it has the ability to sync speaker lights with the beat of the music for a real club atmosphere. With additional 2x tweeters, MHC-V81D is able to achieve 360? sound field. Even sound from the back of the unit is similar level of dB sufficient frequency for bass sound.

With the accompanying “Fiestable” app for these audio systems, user can easily control party features. DJ Control; user can control, DJ effect (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan), Sampler (Drums/Voice/etc.), and EQ.

These systems have Bluetooth support which can now connect up to 50 compatible systems together. User can also have multi device connectivity so the power of the DJ can be passed around by connecting several smartphones to the speaker allowing different members of the party to play their favourite song easily. All the three High Power Audio systems are enabled with NFC for seamless streaming. The LDAC helps to send approximately three times more data than conventional Bluetooth audio for a superior wireless listening experience.

These audio systems are portable and their wheels and handle bar make it easy to move around. The systems are also embedded with an option for built in DVD/CD player and HDMI output.

The  MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D are priced Rs. 51990, 41990 and 30990 respectively and are available in Black colors across all Sony Center and major electronic stores in India.


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