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Steelcase Modern Office Furniture Opens WorkLife Centre In Gurgaon

Steelcase, the gloabl leader in office furniture has opened its flagship Worklife Centre (WLC) in Gurgaon. This is the fourth WLC opened by the company after opening similar ones in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Spread over 6,682 square feet, this WLC is located at One-Horizon Centre in DLF City 5 in Gurgaon. It displays state-of-the art Steelcase office furniture which has been crafted taking into consideration requirements of modern day offices for its tech savy workforce.

Some of the products showcased at the WLC in Gurgaon are:


Brody Worklounge provides privacy and offers an enhanced sense of psychological security. It provides a place where people can overcome distraction and concentrate for longer periods of time. Brody helps workers regulate their attention and save energy by creating a microenvironment for controlled attention.


Brody incorporates Live Lumbar Technology which offers a dynamic back support that eliminates lower back gap and its adjustable Work surface keeps your gadgets at eye level, reducing the text neck problems. It has Personal Storage sapce to store your belongings up off the floor and within arm’s reach. Its footrest provides additional support for legs and feet and helps maintain comfortable, reclined posture.


Gesture chair has been designed in such a way that while sitting on it, one can use all the gadgets without anyy difficulty. The Gesture arm moves like the human arm, which allows users to get closer to their work. The users arms and shoulders remain supported when texting on a smartphone, typing on a keyboard or swiping a tablet. The Gesture seat is contoured, distributing weight and making it comfortable over a long period of time.

The Think chair is an ergonomic office chair that senses what your body needs. It features an advanced weight-activated seat, so anybody can get comfortable, quickly. Steelcase has designed the back flexors to provide dynamic, continuous support for each region of your back, with no pressure points or unsupported zones.

Some of the other furniture which can be experienced at WLC, Gurgaon is the Personality chair which is designed to meet the needs of a new generation of workers; Buoy seats which swivels, turns, tilts and moves up and down for active sitting during a casual meetings etc.

Steelcase works with the world’s leading organisations like Google, IBM, Accenture and Deloitte etc. to help them create great work experience and getting insights about the requirements of the workers and translating them into products and applications.


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