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Stellar Announces New Data Privacy Features in Data Erasure Software – Bitraser

Stellar has announced new data privacy features in their flagship data erasure software, Bitraser. The new enhanced features in BitRaser includes data erasure at remote locations, report data erasure securely and on real-time basis. Tested by Government of India, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, this software empowers organizations and individuals to wipe off sensitive data permanently from hard drives, SSDs, desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices as stated by the company in its press statement.

The importance of securing sensitive data throughout all stages of data lifecycle is a quintessential part of data protection. These new ‘data privacy’ focused enhancements in Stellar’s BitRaser will ensure future-proofing Indian organizations security posture. We welcome the announcement of new Data Protection Bill in India ; this will place Indian industry in same league as global counterparts and will foster taking of requisite safeguards for data protection by both industry and individuals at large ‘’ said Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar.

Stellar has been creating awareness about the pitfalls of lack of Data Privacy measures undertaken by Indian consumers and Industry and this Data Protection Bill today will enable all Indian companies to relook & reassess their data security portfolio and adopt secure data solutions like BitRaser” he further added.

With an aim to create unawareness about data privacy, Stellar recently conducted world’s largest study to ascertain the awareness levels amongst device owners, regarding usage of secure data wiping methods at the time of selling old storage devices. This investigation study of 311 used devices revealed that 7 out of 10 devices contain residual data in the form of PII (Personal Identifiable Information), bank account details and confidential business information like invoices, contracts and income tax filing records. This ‘data erasure solution’ helps safeguard privacy and prevents data leakage when disposing, donating, returning or reselling old devices. With a starting price of INR 3999, software is available for Windows, Mac and iPhone and Android Mobiles users and can be purchased online from company’s official website.


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