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Stellar Data Recovery Provides Solutions For Recovering Lost or Deleted Data Across All Platforms

The most disturbing aspect in this digital age is when you loose your precious stored data by accident or by natural calamity. Nowadays everything is stored on your hard drives or servers and if you loose them then just imagine the consequences it will have on your business or personal life. To address these issues, thankfully, very professional company in India, Stellar Data Recovery, headquartered in Gurugram near Delhi provides industry-leading data recovery services for recovering data across all platforms, file systems, servers and also very critical service of Data Erasure for erasing data from your devices. I have the opportunity to visit their facilites in Gurugram and was amazed to see their professional handling of your devices to recover lost data with very high success rate. I was impressed with their state-of-the-art class 100 clean room labs for upto 100 percent data recovery of your damaged and deleted stored devices.

Stellar is a global company and boasts of 8000+ global partner network. This is customer centric company and have on rolls more than 100 plus R&D engineers and expert data recovery technicians having more than 300+ man year experience.

Stellar has solution for lost or deleted data, photo, video and audio recovery and repair with simple to use software both for Windows and Mac. Their Do-It-Yourself (DIY) software can easily recover deleted or damaged files. Still if you are not able to recover your files or perform any other function with their software then you have the option to send them the devices for recovery of data and the cost of purchasing the software will be adjusted in their service charges. Another confidence building aspect of data recovery is that the data being recovered by Stellar technicians cannot be seen by them and you are rest assured that your data and files remain confidential despite being recovered at their facilities.

Some of the products of Stellar are Stellar Data Recovery software for lost or deleted data, Stellar Photo Recovery software for recovering lost or deleted photo,video and audio files, repairing corrupt or damaged photos and videos. These software are available for Windows and Mac devices. Stellar also provide professional data recovery solutions for recovery of data from any storage device. Some of these services rendered by Stellar are hard drive data recovery, RAID server data recovery which ensures maximum data recovery from all data loss situations in different RAID configuration, data recovery from surveillance devices which can recover all kind of video footage and images stored in different formats inside the DVRs and server date recovery from all kind of servers, NAS, SAN irrespective of the different file systems and data loss situations, email converter and email repair and database repair and migration to name a few.

Stellar also has very useful BitRaser Certified Data Erasure Solutions for securely erasing hard drives/SSDs in PCs, laptops, mobile devices, removable media, servers and other rack mounted storage devices. This is very important Do-It-Yourself software for deleteing permanently your stored data when you want to dispose off your PCs, laptops or mobile devices.  Normally, we feel satisfied after factory resetting these devices but our sensitive data can still be accessed whosoever has bought these devices and hence for permanently deleteing the data stored on these devices this BitRaser DIY software is must have for removing data.This software meets data erasure needs of individuals, SMEs, large corporations and is testified by STQC Labs of Govt of India.

To sum up, if you have any issue related to recovery of your data then Stelllar Data Recovery can come to your rescue. They have multitidue of products and services to cater to all types of requirements. You can buy their DIY software or send your devices to them. Stellar has offices in 15 prominent locations in India and 18 locations worldwide plus global partners. Their engineers have a vast experience in performing successful recoveries from all media types even when it is almost a loss case!

If you want to use Stellar software or their services then you will get 10 percent discount on purchase of Stellar Data Recovery Software or Stellar Data Recovery Services (excluding analysis charges). For availing the discount, you will have to mention Coupon Code : BMTVM10. This offer is valid till 31st December, 2019.


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