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Surface Tablet By Microsoft To Cost $199 – Reports

Since the launch of Windows 8 is drawing near, rumour mill has started churning out speculations about pricing and timing of Microsoft’s much-awaited Surface tablet. While fixing the price for its tablet, Microsoft cannot afford to ignore pricing structure of Google’s just launched Nexus tablet, which is priced $ 199 for 8 GB version. This tablet has received overwhelming response because of its Android platform and price factor.

A technology blog Engadget has reported that  Surface tablet will be available around 26th October, 2012 and  will be priced just below $200. This speculation is quite logical in view of the fact that Windows 8 is going to be released in the beginning of October and after that Surface tablet will be launched commercially. However, the new pricing information comes as a big surprise to everyone as earlier  rumours have suggested a higher pricing.

There are many factors which will not allow Microsoft to keep the price of its soon to be launched tablet beyond $200. Google’s Nexus tablet is priced at $199 and Apple is in the process of launching its cheaper and smaller version of iPad. Apple’s mini iPad is also expected to be launched around the same time when Microsoft will announce its tablet. Microsoft can’t afford to keep its price higher than Apple’s mini iPad. Moreover, Microsoft’s main interest is to make its new Windows 8 OS successful and acceptable and hence the company will not care much about its hardware. Their core business is OS from where they earn and would not like to concentrate much on hardware as that is not their cup of tea.

There can be certail fallout with the attractive pricing of Surface tablet. Of late, OEMs are not interested that Microsoft should plunge into hardware business. Certain OEM like Acer has openly requested Microsoft to desist from going ahead with Surface tablet as they will not be able to compete with Surface tablet of $199 or any other tablet after taking into consideration licensing and hardware costs.

The position of Microsoft will be clear in the coming months whether they want to go ahead with Surface tablet or other tablets in future or just want to use this tablet to showcase Windows 8 as a successful tablet platform.


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