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Suzuki Matsuri Motorcycling Festival Will Take Place in Bengaluru on 17th December

Suzuki Motorcycle India will be back with second leg of its flagship event – Suzuki Matsuri Motorcycling Festival. The Suzuki Matsuri, a vibrant festival dedicated to honoring the spirit of motorcycling, is scheduled to take place in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore on 17 December 2023, at the JK Grand Arena.

Suzuki Matsuri event will offer a diverse range of experiences including:

1.       Specially Designed Tracks to Challenge your Skills – Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding excitement of Gymkhana Tracks meticulously designed to test and elevate your motorcycle skills.

2.       Ultimate Speed Experience on the Tailored Zip Track – Embark on a heart-racing adventure on the Zip Track, specifically crafted to cater to the need for speed, offering enthusiasts the ultimate adrenaline rush.

3.       Showcasing the Versatility of Suzuki Motorcycles – Navigate through an Urban Enduro Track, showcasing the versatility of Suzuki motorcycles, providing riders with a unique and challenging urban course.

4.       Engage and Learn from the Best – Engage with industry influencers and participate in expert talk shows to gain insights into the latest trends shaping the motorcycle world.

5.       Art & Graffiti Zone – Immerse yourself in the creative side of motorcycle culture with captivating art installations and graffiti at the Art & Graffiti zone.

6.       Culinary Cruise – Fuel your energy with an array of amazing food options that cater to every palate, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all.

7.       Star-Studded Entertainment Line-Up – Be entertained by the charismatic emcee Rustom K Patel, enjoy a headlining performance by artist Raghu Dixit and groove to the beats of DJ Vijay Kumar U D.

Tickets for the second edition of Suzuki Matsuri, taking place on 17 December 2023, are available exclusively at Paytm Insider.


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