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Synchronize Your Google Contacts With Gravatars

Many of us use Gravatars (images) that represent your name or your site, while commenting on other sites or while posting blog posts. Gravatars provide an image to you making it your identity. Today i am sharing with you a application that is meant for syncing your contacts in the Google Contacts address book with their Gravatars, in case they didn’t choose a photo by themselves.

Gravatar Importer

Gravatar-Importer :- Basically this application will automatically synchronize the Gravatar images of people/communities with their respective names in your Google Contacts address book (if they didn’t choose any image by themselves). Since the application is in development mode therefore you can expect a bit of ugly code and exceptions while running into corners. But nevertheless the application works and deserves a try. The application can be downloaded from the official download link here.


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