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Tablet Versus Smartphone – What to Buy? Million Dollar Question..!

With the flooding of market almost everyday by tablets and smart-phones and of late hybrid smartphone cum tablet, you as a consumer will certainly be confused as to which gadget to buy, which one will be the best suited, etc. One should weight the pros and cons before making the right decision so that one does not have to repent at a later date for an expensive and not of much use purchase and this is something that need not be told to someone who is spending thousands of rupees. In this article I’ll be highlighting few area’s which would help you buy the right kind of device.

Smartphone Or Tablet? Confusion.. Confusion..

Smart phones are passe, Tablets are the latest craze in tech world with plethora of companies jumping into the tablet market with their own customized version of tablet, some for designers (Samsung Galaxy Note), some for bookworms (Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo Vox, etc) and what not. Talking about Tablets, they are available usually with 7″ inch screen and can go up to 10″ inch screen. The larger the screen then better is the experience of browsing of web, reading books, seeing images and watching videos. Smartphone screen is usually of 4″ inches and of  course hybrid-smart phones have screen of up to 5″ inches.

You should analyse your requirement and the way you want to use the device. If you want to carry a small device and you are always on the move then smartphone is the ideal device you should go in for. But if you are going to read lot of books and magazines, watch movies, do some basic computing on the go then the screen size should be big for the simple reason that long working hours on small screen can strain your eyes and hence you should opt for tablet with preferably large screen size.

Smart-phones, on the other hand, are basically mobile phones with added functionality. Yes, they do come with 1 Ghz processors, 512 Mb RAM, QWERTY keyboard but let’s not forget that they are still meant to be used for calling function. The added features make it difficult and confusing for the consumer to make a choice between a smart phone and tablet. And this is where I want you to keep your mind clear. If you spend more time making/attending calls, sending sms/emails then I’d recommend you buy a smart phone with say 4″ inch screen size. It’ll be compact, easy to carry and more suited for your usage. You will not feel like carrying luggage 🙂

Hybrid Devices – Added Confusion!

“Hybrid” devices are latest arrivals and there is not much feedback on them. But their specifications and screen sizes look quite attractive, and start at price of approx Rs. 24,000/- and goes up to Rs. 35,000/-. Recently, Samsung has unveiled its hybrid smartphone – Galaxy Note – which they call it revolutionary, priced at Rs. 34,990. They lie somewhere between a tablet and Smartphone. The differentiating factor for this segment still remains the same i.e Screen size. Choose the screen size which you are comfortable carrying.

However, if you were to ask for my opinion, I’d say choose between a smart phone or tablet. The concept of “Hybrid” device is still new and going by the price of device’s, I will certainly go with a tablet.


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