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Three Apps to Make a Facebook Cover With

Very few of us would care to admit it, but most of us do it – we while away time on Facebook and have possibly an unhealthy desire to check out what our Facebook friends are doing online.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing that we find ourselves looking at when we visit our friends profile page, is their profile picture and cover graphic. After all, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words..!

It’s becoming increasingly popular to make your own Facebook cover rather than use a photograph or ‘stock’ Facebook cover from a Facebook cover distributing website, as such, this article will review three leading Facebook Cover Maker apps.

Facebook Cover Maker by Athena IT Limited

Purpose – Create a Facebook cover in a very short amount of time with this collage app, select graphics that you like and build your own collage image for use on your Facebook cover.

Review – Reliable and sure footed method by which to create a Facebook cover for those with little to no technical know-how or design ability.

Technology – Uses canvas technology found in new HTML 5, as such, the cover maker app is fast, reliable and robust. Facebook Cover Maker software requires Internet Explorer 9 or the latest version of your favorite web-browser.

Flash Cover Maker by First Cover

Purpose – To make Facebook Cover design accessible to those without professional design packages, the canvas is already sized to the right size, users simply make use of this Flash based cover maker like they would Microsoft’s Paint.

Review – Excellent Facebook cover design flash tool for those with a degree of technical and design ability but lack the tools, time or ability to use a professional design package.

Technology – Utilizes Adobe’s Flash technology, a technology that has seen better days in the opinion of some tech experts. However, most people have Adobe Flash installed and therefore won’t need to add additional components to their computer in order to use First Covers cover making app.

Cover Canvas by the Site Canvas

Purpose – To design, build and implement Facebook covers using pre-defined stenciled templates.

Review – Making use of pre-defined Facebook stencils users are able to build nicely designed Facebook covers with their photos and image resources.

Technology – Makes use of Facebook’s platform app tech, whilst the Facebook canvas is very popular developers are put at the whim of Facebook when they wish to modify or change their platform technology. The technology is also under “gated” community, as such, you won’t be able to use the cover making app without first allowing granting access via your Facebook profile. The other two Facebook cover maker apps mentioned above don’t have this problem.


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