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Top 10 Things To Look For When Buying A New Mobile Phone

In the last decade, the mobile phone industry has grown at an fast pace. Earlier they were seen as a status symbol but now mobile phone has become a necessity. Life without a mobile phone is unthinkable in today’s times. Everyone of us wants to own a mobile which satisfy our needs. These can vary from individual to individual. While almost all of us have a handset of our choice, we do look to upgrade or buy a new one whenever the need arises. But with availability of hundreds of mobile phones to choose from, it sometimes gets confusing. So, for this reason i am going to share with you top 10 things you need to consider before buying a handset :

1. Type I (Based on What You Do ?)

There is a phone for everyone’s needs. If you are a busy person and you need all the information at your fingertips all the time, choose a smart phone. The smartphones help you to store, view, edit the information on the go. If you like to hear music on the go and are non interested in buying dedicated music player, choose a phone that supports MP3 and AAC (mainly) playback and offers decent storage capacity (>1 gb). Those who are budding photographers and want to satisfy their photography skill should opt for phone with great flash, lens and comes with a good memory card.

2. Type II (Based on Phone Style)

There are different style of phones viz. Bar type, Flip phone, Slider phone and Slate phone. A bar-type mobile phone has the screen and keypad all on one face. A flip phone consists of two or more sections that are connected by hinges, allowing the phone to fold in order to become more compact. A slider phone is composed of usually two segments that slide past each other on rails. A slate phone is a subset of the bar-type form that has no buttons, instead relying upon a touchscreen. The bar type mobile phone is widely used because it is user friendly then other types.

3. Operating System

iPhone OS, Android, Windows, S60 and java (not exactly an OS) are different types of operating systems that run on mobile phone’s. Each OS has its set of advantages and disadvantages. An OS must be intuitive, easy enough to get the hang of, and it should have plenty of third party support so that you can get basic applications to run on it. S60 is the most commonly used OS and because of that a variety of applications (and games) are available.

4. Battery Life

The most important aspect of any mobile phone is its battery capacity. A mobile should have a decent calling time and stand by time. You wouldn’t want a mobile that runs out of battery after attending a bunch of calls. Though, other functions such as GPS, Wifi, Camera, etc eat up battery but it should be able to basic task of receiving calls well. In short it should be enough so that you can recharge it while sleeping and not before that.

5. Memory Capacity

The requirement of memory depends from person to person. A person buying mobile for listening to music might need more memory space than a person buying just to receive calls. A good memory card will give you the comfort of clicking more pictures, grabbing more videos and storing important data in your mobile until you transfer it to you PC’s. Ideally, 512 mb is enough for an average joe.

6. Keypad

Regular users of mobile phones find it difficult to type text with the crammed up keypad. The solution for them is QWERTY based keypads. Though for an average user, there isnt much difference in using either of them as long as he/she uses Predictive text. The QWERTY help in fast typing and are usually present in Smart phones. From my personal experience, i have used both the type of keypad’s and QWERTY is very easy to work with. Once you use QWERTY, it become difficult to switch back to the standard keypad style.

7. Connectivity

Connectivity includes the ability of mobile to connect with other mobile phone’s and with the internet. As far as internet is concerned, the better the connectivity, the better will be the downloading speed. There are different type’s of connections viz. GPRS (Basic, should be there), EDGE (Better than GPRS), 3G, etc. {GPRS<EDGE<3G}. When we talk about inter connectivity between different mobile’s, Bluetooth should be present. There are other methods of transferring data between mobile’s viz. Infrared but it is not present in all the mobile’s.

8. Display

Those who spend hours in front of their mobile phone’s should choose mobile’s with thin film transistor or active matrix screen that offers a wider viewing angle. UFB (ultra fine and bright) and OLED (organic light emitting diode) are the newest in the technology.

9. Jack Size

Jack size is what the music lovers should look in for in the mobile’s they are going to buy. Ideally 3.5 mm should be the jack size so that you can use any type of head phone with your mobile.

10. Camera

Photographer or not, the mobile you are going to buy should have a good camera. It is always nice to have a portable camera in your pocket. Nothing below 2 MP (Mega Pixel) should be bought. The better the camera, the better will be images. Besides that, if you some spare money to spend, go in for better processor and carl zeiss lense.



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