In Part One of this series of articles highlighting inputs from JustFly we take a look at top travel apps. Previous discussions were on Travel Accessories, and Social Apps For Travelling.

Travel has steadily evolved from a tech-free zone to now having apps and devices optimized to enhance your travelling experience. While some still power down their devices while on vacation, it is becoming increasingly appropriate to hang onto to tech even as we seek refuge from work. While phones have evolved to become our cameras, so to have apps evolved to become our personal travel agents, problem solvers, and feedback collectors.

In order to track down some must-have travel apps I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. They gave me their top four travel apps for people heading out on vacation.


A great app for frequent travelers, trips with many connecting flights, or those meeting up in a central location with several fellow travelers. TripCase, according to JustFly’s review, allows you to pool together all your flight and hotel reservations and share them socially amongst friends so that everyone knows you have arrived, been delayed, or cancelled along the way, keeping the lines of communication open between everyone.

Available on Android and iOS


While some translation apps can be overbearing, Bravolol allows users to learn and play several basic phrases that can be lifesaver if you are completely oblivious to the local language. While it is basic, Bravolol gains top marks for that very reason. Another great feature is the fact that the app itself, once downloaded, is 100% functional without an internet connection.

Available on Android and iOS


Perfect for those who are visiting several countries, Currency allows you to store up to 10 different currencies at once and compare the cost in your native dollars. Also available online, Currency can help you avoid nasty surprises when you head for the checkout.

Available on Android and iOS

Google Maps

The gold standard of navigation. Google Maps is the most comprehensive mapping service out there and even allows you to download city maps, preventing you from accumulating big data charges as you find your way around. It’s integration with many major public transit services also allows you to be connected with schedules and maps for getting around like a local.

Available on Android and iOS


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