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Twitterfeed Revamped

Twitterfeed, as the name suggests is an automatic system to update your tweets from the feeds that you submit into the system. Along with the massive growth of Twitter, Twitterfeed too, has grown pretty fast since its early side project days. There are approximately 350,000 publishers from the White House to CNN to John Cleese pumping out almost 600,000 feeds and generating around 5,500,000 clicks every day. Recently Twitterfeed has made some significant changes in its way of handling feeds and publishing them.


Following are the changes in a nutshell :

  • Faster and reliable publishing

Twitterfeed has had reliability issues since the time it had been introduced primarily because of the huge amount of traffic it gets everyday. There were times when their system would simply get overwhelmed. To overcome this problem Twitterfeed has come up with new architecture, which is expected to be rolled out anytime now.

  • Real-time feed publishing

Twitterfeed now works with Pubsubhubbub. This means that sites enabled with Pubsubhubbub, like Typepad and Blogger (I am not sure about wordpress) sites, will be able to see their posts published in real time !

  • Publish to Facebook

You can now automatically publish to Facebook from Twitterfeed. Along with publishing your feeds, you’ll also be able to see statistics for each post showing you just how many people clicked on posts from Facebook vs those from Twitter. In this was it will become much easier for you to understand and compare how well is your social media strategy working.

  • Google Analytics Integration

Twitterfeed now adds special ‘UTM’ tags to each post that it publishes. Google Analytics can read these tags and integrate the information into its reporting. You’ll be able to understand how people clicking on your posts from Facebook differ from those clicking from Twitter and track the complete path of their visit to your site.

The above mentioned feature in my opinion should have been there at the time Twitterfeed was introduced and is a mere “getting with the trend” rather than introduction of a NEW feature. Do let us know how you feel about these changes.


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