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Two In One & Exciting Form Factors To Dominate 2014: Intel

In its yearly round-up for the year 2013 , Intel shared the details and prediction for the year 2014, with select media persons today at an event in New Delhi. According to Mr. Sandeep Aurora, Director, Marketing and Market Development, Intel South Asia, the year 2014 would be dominated by wide range of Two-In- One devices which will work as a tablet and PC. These devices would be the preferred choic of the cosnumers as the prices start to come down.

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Depending upon the specific requirements, the consumers would choose from a range of traditional laptops, 2-in-1 devices, tablets and portable all-in-one devices, powered by Intel processors, across varying price points. However, the trend for 2014 would be two-in-one devices. According to Mr. Aurora, the year 2014 would see more two-in-one devices moving compared to the tablets. On being asked about Intel’s initiative in smartphone segment, Mr. Aurora agreed that their presence in smartphone arena is very low at the moment, and their focus in 2014 would be more on tablets compared to smartphone as this has different form factor.

Besides specific devices road-map for year 2014, Intel is very optimistic about growth of computing devices in India. According to Intel, within the next three to five years, India will see a huge increase in device ownership with one device for every student increasingly being the norm. It is a challenge to provide the students, particularly in rural areas with the right education, devices and services to engage them. Intel believes that having 15 billion connected devices in the next five years is achievable.

Reflecting upon the year gone by, Mr. Aurora said,” Year 2013 saw Intel launching a range of exciting and innovative products and delivering next generation processors that became the backbone for a new era of thinner, faster and more portable devices. Intel also worked closely with the industry and government to help connect people in India through technology and provide cost-effective solutions to address key issues such as education and training.”

Intel’s 4th Generation Core Processors launched earlier this year deliver 50% improvement in battery life, which translates to over nine hours in some systems. Intel has also introduced Bay Trail family of processors, which are cost-effective, and result in reducing the cost of the devices.  Asus T-100 Transformer Book is the first 2-in-1 device based on the Bay Trail version of the processors.  The Bay Trail processors will also power a variety of affordable laptops, desktop PCs and all-in-ones, in 2014.


The Acer Iconia W4 tablet has been launched today with Intel Atom Z3740 ‘Bay Trail-T’ processor.

In year 2013, Intel has also shown social commitment towards India by enhancing digital literacy. Intel trained over two million people in 2013 with its digital literacy curriculum and also launched an Android based app of the same. Intel also launched a large nation-wide campaign to drive relevance and demand of personal computing devices covering ten states and reaching over 20 million households. Intel will continue to make efforts to increase digital awareness in India, which will benefit the people and will drive sales of the devices driven by Intel processors.


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