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UC Browser For Android Boasts The Fastest Facebook Loading Speed

According to UC Web, their UC Browser for Android version 9.8,  now has the fastest Facebook loading speed versus any other mobile browser. The credfit for this goes to the tech team of UC Web, which has deployed dedicated servers in India with cloud acceleration technology which speed up the process of Facebook loading. With this implementation, the UC Browser lets you do more on Facebook with up to 60% faster Facebook load time. You can now enjoy the fastest possible Facebook experience on mobile with UC Browser for Android.

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UC Web has mentioned in its press staement that to prove the above claim, the UC Web tech team put the browser to the test – pitting the latest version of UC Browser against other popular mobile browsers. The contenders were as follows: UC Browser 9.8, UC Browser 9.7, Opera Mini 7.5.35199 and Google Chrome 35.0.1916.122.

The above test was carried out to find out which browser can load Facebook’s mobile site faster under 2G and 3G network conditions. The devices used for all tests were two of India’s best-selling Android smartphones – Samsung I9082 and Samsung I8262. Caches and histories of each browser were cleared before each test.

The test has brought out the following results : on a 3G network, UC Browser 9.8 is over 60% faster than Opera Mini and 30% faster than its predecessor, while on a 2G network, UC Browser 9.8 is 35% faster than Opera Mini and 30% faster than its predecessor and Chrome.

The above results has proved that with the latest version of UC Browser, you no longer have to wait endlessly to stay connected and share updates with your friends on Facebook. The new version lets you upload photos and videos, share posts and navigate through Facebook pages within seconds.

The UC Browser is available on more than 3,000 different models of mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers, and is compatible with all mainstream operating systems. Serving users in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, UC Browser is now available in 11 languages including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.



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