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UnitedHealthcare Offers $60,000 Prize For Identifying Solutions To Improve People’s Health

UnitedHealthcare announced at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) an open innovation initiative that invites people around the world to submit new solutions that will enhance the health system and help people lead healthier lives.

The “Breakthrough Health Tech Challenge” aims to tap the creativity of innovators worldwide, both within and beyond the health care industry, to bring concepts and solutions that help address some of the greatest challenges facing the health system. This “crowdsourcing” challenge seeks ideas on how common consumer technologies or devices, including video game systems and mobile phones, can be used in new ways to serve people by helping them address their chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Details of the challenge and a submission form can be found at www.ceshealth.com. Ideas are being accepted through April 8, with the winning submission earning a $60,000 prize. This contest is the latest in a series of open innovation challenges that UnitedHealth Group and its various businesses have launched since mid-2012. These challenges have generated an array of unique ideas and concepts for implementation.

UnitedHealthcare has a deep history and commitment to developing innovative solutions that enhance the health system and help people live healthier lives, including:

  • myHealthcare Cost Estimator – This online and mobile tool gives consumers the transparency they need to understand health care costs and quality for specific physicians and hospitals; enables them to compare costs and quality of alternative treatments; and provides personalized out-of-pocket cost estimates based on current benefits, applicable network discounts and health financing accounts.
  • Health4Me – This powerful mobile app helps UnitedHealthcare plan participants on the go find in-network doctors, benefit information and claim status.
  • Senior Digital Journey – By better understanding how individuals experience health care and insurance, UnitedHealthcare is gaining insights in how to change its service delivery to fit the behavior, needs and desires of the people it serves.
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Rewards – This program rewards children with points for healthy habits such as visiting their doctors regularly for checkups or brushing their teeth. Then they are able to redeem the points for valuable rewards such as a camera or a bicycle.


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