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Upcoming Acer Swift Series Laptops will be Powered by New AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series Processors

Acer announced that its upcoming Swift series of thin-and-light laptops will be powered by the new AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series laptop processors. These laptops will start shipping in the beginning of Q3 2024. Stacked with more CPU and GPU cores made available in this class of AMD-powered PCs, and equipped with an ultra-efficient NPU, the AMD processors come ready to deliver revolutionary speed and performance on Acer’s new wave of AI PC offerings. The new models will receive a free update to Copilot+ PC experiences when available, as furhter stated by Acer.

Based on the new high-performance “Zen 5” architecture, AMD Ryzen AI 300 processors with up to 12 high-performance cores and 24 threads are projected to deliver next-level performance for ultrathin laptops. As part of AMD Ryzen AI, the new processors leverage new AMD XDNA 2 technology to provide up to 50+ NPU TOPS of AI processing performance allowing users to deploy AI capabilities locally and run generative AI applications, Large Language Models, and AI assistants directly on upcoming Acer Swift laptops. In turn, users will be able to maximize their creativity and productivity without the need for internet access and without sacrificing battery life.

The AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series processors are optimized for lower power consumption and excellent battery life even on heavy computing workloads, plus an offering of up to 36 MB cache for accelerated productivity and responsiveness. Built-in AMD Radeon 800M graphics also provide high-resolution display support and accelerated encoding with or without a discrete graphic card.

“AI is continuing to reshape our customers’ expectations for PCs across gaming, content creation, professional and everyday use,” said Jerry Kao, COO, Acer Inc. “With AMD, we are delivering more AI-enabled experiences to our customers with unprecedented power and performance. In the coming months, we are excited to announce new systems powered by AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series processors.”

“We’re excited to partner with Acer across their thin-and-light next-generation AI PCs.” said Jack Huynh, senior vice president and GM, Computing and Graphics Group at AMD. “We are creating a new category of AI PCs with Acer featuring our 3rd generation AMD Ryzen AI processors with the world’s most powerful NPU with 50 TOPS, the world’s fastest APUwith next-gen Zen 5 architecture, and the world’s best graphics for gaming.”

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