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Upcoming OnePlus Nord 4 will Provide Four Years of Android Updates

OnePlus has today announced that its upcoming OnePlus Nord 4 device, the only all-metal unibody 5G smartphone, will feature three technological advancements.

The smartphone, to be launched at the OnePlus Summer Launch event in Milan on 16 July, will feature OnePlus’s longest ever software support guarantee, is the first phone to ever be certified to remain fast and smooth for six years, and ships with technology designed to ensure its battery lasts longer than ever too.

OnePlus Nord 4 will ship with four years of Android updates and a record breaking six years of security updates, the longest support package OnePlus has ever offered its users. This software support package will ensure that OnePlus Nord 4, the newest member of the OnePlus Nord family, will remain safe to use long into the future.
As well as coming with the longest software support package OnePlus has ever provided, OnePlus Nord 4 has also been extensively tested and certified to remain fast and smooth for years to come, unlike other Android smartphones. This gruelling process is called fluency testing, and OnePlus Nord 4 has received a coveted TUV SUD Fluency 72 Month A rating.
Fluency testing is a three stage process designed to show how a phone will perform after years of use. The first stage involves measuring, using a high speed camera, how long a smartphone takes to carry out a range of every day tasks. Then the phone is subjected to a range of demanding tests including copying huge files to its memory and fragmenting it, creating thousands of photos, sound files and movies, and creating more than 15,000 text messages and installing more than 180 apps.
Finally, the time taken for the now aged phone to perform the same basic functions and use the same popular apps is checked. Only if a phone can do this in an acceptable amount of time can it achieve a fluency A rating, and the OnePlus Nord 4 is the only phone to achieve a 72 month rating.
OnePlus Nord 4 will also feature OnePlus’s Battery Health Engine technology to ensure it continues to charge effectively for years too, certified for 1,600 complete charging cycles.

The OnePlus Summer Launch event will take place in Milan, Italy, on 16 July., OnePlus will also unveil the OnePlus Pad 2 tablet, the OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro and the OnePlus Watch 2R. The event will be streamed live on OnePlus’s YouTube channel.


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