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Upcoming realme GT 6 will come with NEXT AI Features

realme has announced that its upcoming realme GT 6 powered by AI will introduce a major AI upgrade —— NEXT AI, enabling powerful hardware with advanced AI features. The top features include AI Smart Removal,  AI Night Vision Mode, and AI Smart Loop.

AI Night Vision Mode:
With advanced night video algorithms, the realme GT 6 brings the industry’s first AI Night Vision Mode. No matter how dark the environment is, the realme GT 6 can capture clear videos just like phones equipped with a 1-inch sensor.

AI Smart Removal : It allows you to manually select “passersby” and “clutter” in your photos, which are then automatically erased. The background is smartly filled in, seamlessly rescuing and restoring your pictures without a trace of the unwanted elements.

 AI Smart Loop : It helps to identify content selected and dragged by the user on the screen, allowing for quick sharing to third-party apps and enabling seamless interactions, which greatly saves time and steps in the process. It offers three main capabilities: Smart Recognition, Simplified Operations, and Increased Efficiency

The realme GT 6 is aimed at captivating the high-end smartphone market boasting exceptional performance and a myriad of innovative features that are poised to redefine the smartphone landscape as the next-generation game-changers. It harnesses the power of AI to remarkably enhance image quality, user interaction, and productivity to remarkable levels, with the ambitious goal of popularizing AI technology for youthful audiences worldwide.


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