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Upcoming realme P1 Pro 5G will Feature 120Hz Curved Vision Display

realme has announced today that the upcoming realme P1 Pro 5G will be equipped with the segment’s best 120Hz curved vision display. The realme P1 Pro 5G’s display features a Pro-XDR that provides flagship level immersive viewing in the segment. Additionally, the high-frequency 2160Hz PWM dimming enhances dimming efficiency by 4.5 times compared to conventional 480Hz methods. This ensures color accuracy in low-light conditions and eliminates flickering. Additionally, the 120Hz curved display includes 20,000 levels of brightness adjustment, accompanied by a turbo Touch Sampling Rate of up to 200 Hz for smooth and seamless viewing experience.

Moreover, the realme P1 Pro 5G also comes with IP65 dust and water resistance rating, ensuring the phone is protected against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets. The realme P1 Pro 5G also comes with the Segment’s first Rainwater Smart Touch, a very practical feature, leveraging the screen’s scanning data to detect water presence on the screen or hands. When water is detected, an algorithm intervenes to prevent unexpected touch actions, ensuring uninterrupted usage. Additionally, another algorithm minimizes water effects, enhancing touch input accuracy for an improved overall user experience.

We shall be covering the launch event on 15th April. Stay tuned for more details, pricing, offers and availability schedule.


  1. The Realme P1 Pro 5G’s new 120Hz curved display and advanced features sound groundbreaking! ?? Love the focus on smooth performance and practical innovations like Rainwater Smart Touch. Can’t wait to see it in action on April 15th! What do you guys think? #RealmeP1Pro5G


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