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US Department Of Defense Approves Use Of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

Research In Motion (RIM ) has got good news from its neighbor – USA. As reported by news agency- Reuters – RIM on Wednesday said the US Department of Defense (DoD) had approved six models of the company’s BlackBerry 7 for use on its networks, extending a long relationship with the smartphone known for its tight security. The approval means RIM’s single largest customer can upgrade to the Canadian smartphone maker’s latest devices.

RIM’s BlackBerry phones have long been used by army and other defense department personnel, but each new version of the device must be tested before it can be approved for use in sensitive roles where a data breach could endanger national security.tphone maker’s latest devices, as it waits for the launch of its next-generation BlackBerry 10 devices later this year.

DOD is also working to introduce a mobile device using a hardened version of Google Inc’s Android software. RIM has said around 250,000 BlackBerry smartphones are used in the department, which is the world’s largest employer. Last year, the U.S. Army introduced new applications and capabilities, such as Near Field Communications and voice activated universal search, for its BlackBerry users, RIM said in a statement.

Barack Obama, who as president serves as commander-in-chief of the US armed forces, uses a modified version of the smartphone.

On this development, beleagured RIM will heave a sigh of relief that it will continue to cater to demands of its largest customer segment in US. In difficult times, such news are soothing and morale boosting for the company and its employees.


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