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Use Your Mobile Devices Carefully

A bizarre news item has appeared in TOI of today courtesy the input from Agencies, which reads ” A newsreader in Britain was so engrossed in texting her boyfriend that she walked straight into a freezing canal. The hilarious episode was captured by the CCTV cameras placed in that area.

The recorded footage showed Laura Safe 27, plunging into the icy water of the canal in Birmingham. A heroic passer-by, 34 year old person rushed to Safe’s help as she flailed about in the water. She later called the helping person on air and thanked home for saving her.

The Capital FM Breakfast Show newsreader emerged unharmed and merely embarrassed at falling in front of many outlookers.

Similar incidents have happened in India also. Few months back, a girl was listening music on her mobile phone and met with a fatal accident as she was  engrossed in the music. A young boy was crushed by a speeding train as he was walking on the tracks and listening the music on his mobile by plugging ear phone in his ears and failed to listen to the voice of approaching train.

Moral of the story is that mobile devices are good for its various applications, but they should be handled and utilized very carefully. Amitabh Bachhan may be very happy that his grand daughter can use iPad, but to expose the children to such devices at such a tender age may not be good for the health of the child as they get disconnected from natural way to get experiences of life. The kids should not be given free hand to use such devices as these may prove very dangerous if the children start accessing unwanted stuff through these devices.

We must be aware of pros and cons of these devices especially the parents, who have young children.


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