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Use OPPO Band Style & Win Another For Free

To promote its Oppo Band Style which was launched in India in the month of March this year, Oppo has announced a new Sleep Sign-in campaign for their consumers. All they need to do is to wear the OPPO Band Style when they sleep, connect it to the HeyTap Health app on their Android phones, for 30 days simultaneously. The first 500 lucky participants will stand a chance to win another OPPO Band Style for free.

The OPPO Band Style comes with various health features. It has features of accurate sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and continuous SpO2 monitoring to provide all-around records and analysis of its user’s sleep health.

How to Participate:

Starting May 17, 2021 till July 31, 2021, all participants need to sign in to ‘activity’ in the app’s Health tab. Post joining, they are required to wear the OPPO Band Style every night when they sleep. The data collected after 8:00 PM each day will be taken as sleep data. When you wake up the next day, make sure your OPPO Band is connected to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can punch in on the activity page. You need to punch in 30 days in a row. Once you punch in, the day count starts. If you forget to punch in, the day count will reset automatically.

If you are lucky to be one of the first 500 participants, OPPO will send a voucher to your Amazon account within 10 workdays after you submit your address and contact information on the prize page of the HeyTap Health app. Once you get the voucher, go to your Amazon account that has your valid delivery address in India, add to cart, chose the Payment method, add the gift card or promotion code and continue to finish the transaction.

Participants need to make sure that only Android phones are used for this activity. The same OPPO Band or HeyTap Account cannot be used to participate in this activity more than once. If you are declared a winner, you need to provide the information required for claiming your prize within 7 workdays.

Every participant will get 1 free skip card that can be used only once. After you share this activity in the app’s Health tab, you will get an extra Skip card. You have to punch in on the activity page 30 days in a row. If you forget to punch in after the day count starts, your Skip card will be automatically used to compensate for your missed punch-in activity and your day count will be reset.

OPPO Band Style is priced Rs. 2999 and available on Amazon.in.


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