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Vodafone Launches Program To Help Medium Sized Businesses In India

Vodafone Business Services (VBS), the enterprise arm of Vodafone India, today announced the launch of three key initiatives to catalyse the growth of Indian businesses, specifically focusing on Medium Sized Businesses that are between INR. 50 crores and INR 500 crores in annual turnover. These initiatives leverage the latest advances in technology led communication and will enable businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer responsiveness, as stated by the company in its press release.

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The Medium Enterprise segment forms the core of Indian industry. A faster growing Medium Enterprise segment will help accelerate the Indian economy into its next phase of growth, helping achieving even higher real GDP growth in next fiscal year and beyond, adds the statement.

VBS has announced following three initiatives:

Ready for the Big League (RFTBL):  RFTBL is a national engagement platform where all Indian business, between INR. 50 crores and INR 500 crores in annual turnover can participate. Vodafone will select the Top Ten business out of all participants and provide them opportunity to showcase their businesses to the country over national media – both print and television. This nationwide exposure will help the chosen businesses showcase their products and services to the entire country and create business new opportunities for themselves.

Business Readiness Scorecard: A web-based diagnostic tool that helps businesses measure their competitive business efficiency and take stock of their capability to deal with the volatility of today’s business environment. The Scorecard has been specially designed following a nation-wide survey to understand the real life business problems faced by businesses in India, comprising but not limited to the following: culture and management, IT & communication fundamentals, policies & processes and enabling solutions.

Based on a readiness score after having administered the online tool, the Business Readiness Scorecard identifies the pain points and challenges that need to be addressed by the business. It helps orient the business towards facing future challenges, helping them work towards better operational agility, better connected employees and more satisfied customers.

Ready Business: This initiative comprises of solutioning approach and comprehensively helps address business problems using Vodafone’s suite of Total Communications solutions. It helps provide answers to business problems, designed for making businesses more agile towards taking on future challenges.

To participate in Ready for The Big League, to know your Business Readiness Scorecard & for more information on Ready Business, log on to:www.vodafone.in/bigleague


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