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Watch Live Stream Of Indian Television Channels (Some Foreign) On Your Mobile Phone For Free! – Part II

Follow the url To Watch live DLF IPL 4 cricket matches on mobile: DLF IPL Free Live Streaming

The previous article in which I shared some rtsp links for streaming/viewing live TV on the mobile phones (symbian based nokia devices to be specific) for free, a majority of those links are not working now. In this article I will share some updated working links and will also be mentioning some of the usual queries I received via comments in that article regarding the scope of these links.

Requirements For Using These Links

  • You MUST have a mobile phone that has Real player installed in it. These links work ONLY with real player irrespective of mobile phone model number.
  • These links are free (i.e No viewing charges apply) but normal data charges WILL apply.
  • It is advisable to use 3G network for streaming though some of these links work fine with 2G speed.
  • Make sure you are using socket connection and NOT proxy connection.

Free Live Streaming Links

I initially thought about adding these links to the previous article but that one had already become cluttered and I did not want to mess it up anymore. Anyway you aren’t interested knowing the reason, are you? So here are the links:

Name Of Channel Streaming Link (rtsp)
Aaj Tak rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp
CNBC Aawaz rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp
CNBC TV 18 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp
Headlines Today rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp
NDTV 24×7 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_29.sdp
NDTV rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp
NDTV Profit rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_31.sdp
Times Now rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp
NK News rtsp://
RAJ News rtsp://
NDTV Good Times rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_32.sdp
ETV rtsp://
Studio N rtsp://
SVBC rtsp://
Zee Tamil rtsp://
Zee Kannad rtsp://
Zee Bangla rtsp://
Music Box rtsp://stream.the.sk/live/musicbox/musicbox-3m.3gp
Zoo Vision rtsp://stream.zoovision.com/live.sdp
B4u Music rtsp://
iMusic rtsp://
Adventure rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVAdventure3GPP296.sdp
Horror rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVHorror3GPP296.sdp
Comedy rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVComedy3GPP96.sdp
Classic rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVClassics3GPP296.sdp
Crime rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVCrime3GPP296.sdp
Mystery rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVMystery3GPP296.sdp
NSFW (18+)
Clubbing Tv rtsp://
Bella Tv rtsp://
Fashion Tv rtsp://

These links can also be viewed on your computer screen using VLC player or Quicktime player. Although I didn’t try streaming all of them but the one’s I tested were working perfectly fine.

UPDATE: You can view the above mentioned channels in higher quality by making just a small change to the links i.e:

Replace prf0 to prf1 or prf2. For example: In case of link for Aajtak:

To get GPRS quality video use (As given above) : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp

To get EDGE quality video replace prf0 with prf1: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_4.sdp

To get 3G quality video streaming replace prf0 with prf2: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_4.sdp

Thanks to Daksh, a reader, for informing me about the existence of such replacements.

NOTE: The Live streaming in above mentioned links is not in any manner re-produced/assossiated with the owner of this blog or with any writer here. Please use these links at your own risk.



  2. links are working on my nokia n8, but it takes so much time to type url in the web , so suggest some points to get rid of that time consuming typing,
    well thanks for the links

  3. I am using e63. There are no 3g. I use ur all link. It sow unable to connect the server. Connection time out; please help me

  4. hi dier sir,
    i am using nokia 3110c can i watch live streaming tv channel / or cricket live streaming in my mobile.. if yes plz
    send me link detail.

  5. Hi dear sir.
    m using sumsung gt c6712 .cn i watch live streaming tv channel in my mobile..if yes.so plz plz send me link detail. thnks vry mch.

  6. If Clubbing & fashion tv can run why not other channels on my Samsung gt s5620.Connection failed, Try again,Content not found & user id & password unavailable r great hurdle & bloody problem.Live tv channels r reaserved for android,s60 & windows but what about java platform samsung s5620 like 3g phones?

  7. Thank TechVorm.U r a very useful site providing live mundu tv etc.Ur technology is high class but many channels results in “User ID & Password Unavailable”.Where should I get/create user id & password.Pls. help me.

  8. how can i watch live tv on my nokia 7210 supernova is there any real player version available for this model

  9. Hey,
    thankz man great work man

    hey can u provide links for channels like discovery,tensports etc

  10. It’s not possible to run silverlight/adobe flash based videos on Symbian devices and I don’t think android can run them as well. Real player is your only hope.

  11. Hai,

    How to watch all the channel which is at wwitv, in mobile phone, All the channel can be watched in pc if we install TVU player, Adobe flash player, Silverlight , but these player are not made for symbian os (mobile phone) some player are available for android os and windows mobile. please tell me how to watch all those channel without the said player.

  12. Buddy just one thing..all the links ending with sdp connect but when the loading finishes it says disconnected and try again..but all the 3gp links are working fine..plzz help..begging 🙁

  13. plz help me
    can anyone converts these channel format in .3gp
    bcz .sdp and .rm not working on java phone

  14. hi , thanks for doing these .. do you have any streaming link for another hindi channels like… MAX,STAR GOLD,discovery,sony……. Etc. If u have these please give me these … Thanks

  15. Hey guys… Guess I’ve got gr8 news for evry1… Yamgo.mobi and 1947.mobie.in hv workin zing uk links. Zee hs gt world cup rights in UK. zing telecasts d highlights evry n8. Nw I juz hope dey stream d final on both zee cafe & zing and not juz zee cafe. But dey’ll surely telecast d match from 2.30 to 3 pm…

  16. hi ..
    can u please tell me how to create streaming link so that i can copy that to my cellphone..
    because it’s tough to type the link in mobile

  17. hi pratyush and daksh, thank for your efforts. Could you please post links for india vs pakistan match as hyperlinks. Of course if its possible. Thanks

  18. pls tell how to watch dd channel on mobile , i have nokia 5230 with 3g activated,pls i need to see india vs pak match

  19. hi

    i follow these link in my nokia n73 , i successfully recive chanel, but no video showing only voice received

    so plz help me about this

  20. Yes,I have Nokia 5230 & the links are working perfectly 🙂

    prf stands for pixel run format
    prf0 means poor quality
    prf1 means medium quality
    prf2 means high quality

    However,you need higher bandwidth to stream prf2 links.
    I mean an EDGE user can’t stream 3G(prf2) links 😉

  21. The settings sent by your service provider have this option enabled/disabled by default. You have to contact them to know if connection is proxy or Socket.

  22. You don’t need to configure anything. Just put these links in your mobile phone’s default browser and click “Go”. The streaming should start.

  23. Dude i had posted earlier in your other post,only links in dis lost seem to b working for me especially the aftv ones,can u plz post links in dis format for da cricket wc plzzz

  24. hi, thanx for sharing the links.
    the link for ndtv goodtimes works fine but it a low resolution link, cud u plz provide a hi res link if possible?
    since i dont have a socket cnxn im unable to open most of the links despite using wi-fi and 3g, the msg either says unable to open file or unable to play media clip. Anyways cud u share how can one obtain an rtsp link of a particular channel that streams content, for eg has live streaming channels from many countries, is it possible to find the rtsp link for any of these.

  25. hey plz upload the sports channel rtsp links… dont want to miss any frther matches !!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. hey d older links of dd1 arent workin for now…. dey say unable to connect!!
    could u please giv us the updated rstp links…..

  27. the link wic u posted for dd1 for cricket telecast is not working…..
    in my case it tries to connect for a long tym nd dan say ‘unable to connect’….
    could u please provide us wid updated rtsp links for cricket matches !!!!

  28. thanks a lot for the info…well im using nokia 5233..so can u pls hlp me out how to choose socket connection in da settings…im nt able to see dis option in da settings..thank u in advance..:)

  29. Open up your Realplayer
    Goto options>settings>streaming>network
    1.Change online time to unlimited
    2.Change Lowest UDP port to 6970
    3.Change Highest UDP port to 32000

    After that goto options>Advanced settings>
    1.Change GPRS bandwidth to 99.99 kbit/s(Use Handwriting tool for changing)
    2.Change EGPRS bandwidth to 199.99 kbit/s

    And as Paritosh said:Make sure you are using a socket connection to stream these links.

    Now open the links in your default browser 🙂

  30. Hi, thanx for lighting up boring bachelor life without TV or laptop .But links are not working on my nokia 5230. I’m using reliance 2G connection. May be configuration/settings problem plz suggest what to do. Thanks……

  31. can i watch the listed channels in Nokia 5233. I am using Tata Docomo.

    Kindly help to make cofiguration in mobile if require.



  32. Dear Paritosh

    can i watch live stream above links on our micromax q 7 ,

    if yes kindly tell me how


  33. links work like charm…..thx a lot dude…can u give a working link for Starcricket or DD1….


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