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WeChat Introduces Friends Radar Feature To Connect & Communicate Seamlessly

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WeChat, the popular social messaging application, has now been added with new innovative feature called ‘Friends Radar’. This feature will be very useful for the youngsters as they they can scan their surrounding area and spot their friends and acquaintances on WeChat who have enabled their radar feature.

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This feature will be quite useful for youngsters during the first day of college, fresher’s party, college festivals, conferences or even alumni meet when youngsters are likely to meet many new friends, exchange contacts with each other and would like to keep in touch with them. With just one simple tap they can now start a conversation and exchange voice notes, Stickers and initiate voice and video calls.

The Friend Radar feature was added to the application keeping in view of the fact that youngsters want to explore the world, meet new people and need simple solutions to add friends and communicate. Friends Radar can be an extremely effective and hassle free way of connecting with even a large group of friends. It is an opt-in feature and only works for the duration when users choose to enable it. It also ensures complete privacy as the users do not need to exchange their phone numbers in order to add each other.

In the past also, WeChat has introduced a number of innovative features such as Voice messaging, Real Time Location Sharing, Cloud Storage upto 1 GB aimed towards providing the users with a rich communication experience adding elements of fun to it.

How to use Friends Radar on WeChat : Just press ‘+’ on the Homescreen -> select Friends Radar -> select the users you want to add by simply tapping on their profile icons.


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