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You Can Combat Insomnia With Smart Headphones

Sleeplessness is modern day problem being faced by many people across the globe due to stress or many other factors. But after arrival of smart technologies for various applications, an enterprising doctor has come out with smart headphones to give you sound sleep to forget your worries.

Researchers claim to have developed a new headband with built in earphones that could help people sleep more soundly and easily. The SleepPhones are a fabric band with earphones built in – and its makers claim you can even use them without waking a partner sleeping next to you. The headbands have small headphones built in, and there are versions for sleeping and running as well.


Current versions have a wire to connect to a phone, but a wireless version, set to go on sale in April, has just won a prestigious awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Daily Mail reported.

‘Being able to sleep soundly is crucial to feeling well overall, and SleepPhones help by playing relaxing audio, drowning out noises, and establishing a positive bedtime routine,’ said Wei-Shin Lai, one of the inventors of the headphones.

‘In 2007, I had trouble falling back to sleep after patient phone calls late at night as a family doctor. My husband suggested that I listen to something to take my mind off of patient concerns. Since I didn’t want to disturb my husband while he slept, I needed headphones or ear buds I could wear in bed. But there was nothing comfortable on the market so I came up with stuffing speakers inside a headband’.

The company is now set to introduce its first wireless version for $80.


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