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Zupee Celebrates Republic Day and Releases India Paasa Palat Raha Hai Film

On the occasion of the 75th Republic Day, Zupee, one of India’s leading online skill-based gaming platforms, has released an inspiring film titled “India Paasa Palat Raha Hai” to celebrate India’s remarkable journey of progress over the years, instilling a sense of pride and optimism.

You can watch the video hereInstagram | YouTube

The impactful animated video, takes us on a captivating journey showcasing India’s triumphs across diverse sectors and shaping global trends, right from the iconic Chandrayaan Moon landing, the success of ‘Make in India’ initiatives, India’s economic rise, to our athletes proudly claiming medals at the international stage. The video beautifully highlights the nation’s technological prowess and tremendous transformation as an emerging superpower.

Beyond tangible achievements, the video also celebrates India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage and diversity. Through compelling storytelling, Zupee’s Republic Day film portrays India’s relentless spirit to overcome challenges and truly emerge as a ‘game changer’ against all odds.


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